what is seo? How to do SEO?

What is SEO? How to do SEO of WordPress site?

Hello guys so today’s topic is very interesting and quite useful for those who have just launched a new website. We are going to tell you that what is SEO? and how to do it for a wordpress website.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization simply means to optimize your article and website in that manner so that it can rank on the Google easily and at fast pace. I think now you got the rough idea that what it is.

Search Engine Optimization is very important in order to rank your article or your website on the first page of google.

Now I am imagining that you have just created a website and writing articles on it and doing your best but still you are not getting any traffic on it and it is not ranking on google.

I will tell you step by step process to start the SEO of your website:

1.Install the Plugin called Yoast SEO

What is SEO? How to do SEO?

First thing is to download the plugin known as Yoast Plugin. You can easily download it by going to your Dashboard. Select Plugins>Add new>Search for Yoast SEO.

Now Install it and Activate it by clicking on Activate. Yoast SEO also comes with a premium version if you want to do advanced SEO of your website but free version also works well.

You can download from here – Yoast SEO

2. You are good to go

Now you have activated the Yoast seo and you are ready to go. Now go to Posts>Add New. You can also do the SEO of your already written articles by selecting one of them one by one.

3. Start Writing the Article

what is seo? how to do seo?

Now start writing the article. Minimum 300 words is what is suited as the minimum length by the Yoast SEO what I will recommend you to make it minimum of 500 words.

Now as soon as you complete your article, go below and you will find SEO analysis. Click on it and it will show you everything regarding your article, including the mistakes, corrections and good points.

Just follow all the steps that it will tell you. Chose a focus keyword that you want your website to rank for and use that keyword again and again wherever required as shown in the image above.

4. You are done!

You are done with your internal SEO of your website. Now its your turn to share your article with lots and lots of people on social media. You will see that it few days your website or your article will start ranking on Google if your SEO is done properly.

This was the method of doing Search Engine optimization through Yoast SEO on your wordpress website. But its not over there are certain other processes also to rank your website.

  • Add your website to Google Search Console

You have to add your website to the google search engine also for ranking it. For this Go to Google Search Console and Add your Property (website) there.

It will give you a code for verification, just copy it and paste it in your headers column and you will be verified and you are also added to Google Search Console 🙂

  • Create Backlinks

Now this is also one of the important step. I will create a separate article on how to create Backlinks for your website to rank. Simple in backlinks you have to comment on others website articles and also provide your website in that. You can also do Guest posting in other’s website.

These were the main processes that you need to do to rank your website in Google. Rest depends upon your hard work and dedication.

Keep writing Keep Learning. You can make money from Blog if you can get enough traffic and done the complete Search engine optimization of your site. Now I think you got to know that what is seo? How to do SEO?

There is also a video below to help you more:) Watch it

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