Top 5 New Business Ideas in 2019

Hello guys. Are you planning to open a business? Do you got enough cash with you? But confused that what should you start with? Don’t worry if you got cash and has a long term vision I will give you some new business ideas in 2019 to start with. Now these are my own ideas so maybe that you would not like it or maybe some of you might like it and start with it.

1.Electric vehicle service centers

Top 5 New Business Ideas

Now we have seen that now a days electric vehicles are on a great trial and in the coming time most probably in the next 5-10 years most of the people will be having their own electric cars. Now I am not saying you to start an electric car producing company because that it going to have lot of investment. I want you to think for a log term and you can start an electric vehicle service center where you can do the service of the electric vehicles and also charge them as electric vehicles will require battery and it needs to be charged so its a great business for a long run.

2. Tourism in Himachal Pradesh, India

Top 5 New Business Ideas

So you might be surprised by this but if you are living in Himachal Pradesh, and want to start a business you can increase tourism here itself. Now you will think that already tourism is there in Himachal so why should anyone go for it. But its not like that. As we saw that few days before two of most important sections were removed from Kashmir which were Sec 370 an Sec 35A. Now it is likely that tourism is going to increase in Kashmir which will definitely going to affect the tourism of Himachal. So for a long term you can think about this and start paragliding or maybe providing visits to the heritage places in himachal as their are many. This is one of the top 5 new business ideas

3. Dairy Farm

Top 5 New Business Ideas

You wont believe but this business is never ending and is always in high demand especially the cow’s milk. If you can start providing pure cow milk and everything is organic, i think this business can touch the heights because now a days there is a lot of adulteration in milk and milk products.

I suggest you to go for organic farming without the use of any chemicals. You can also start to provide Goat’s milk as it is costly and very nutritious and there is a lot of demand of this milk especially in urban cities like New York, Washington etc. This is one of the Top 5 new business ideas

4. Same day Delivery Projects

Now if you see for yourself there are very less competitors in this category and most of them don’t provide same day delivery of your parcels and any document if you want to. Let’s say you want to send any thing to your friend who is living in different part of the state and he requires it urgently. If you will proceed to some delivery options, obviously they will not make it in one day and if they do, they are going to ask for more charges.

You can start this business by contacting to some people or maybe merging up with people who have a great knowledge about the area and give them a specific area. So if you will send a product to someone they can pass and pass and gets reached to the another person same day! This is great new business idea.

5th coming soon

So guys these were the Top 5 new business ideas in 2019 and many of them are coming soon so stay tuned with Trendsaints

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