Top 3 Music Players for Android in 2019

Hey guys in this article I am going to share with you the top 3 Music players for android and the 1st one is my favorite. If you are music fan and love to listen to the music or you want to mix it up on your own the keep reading.

I will share with you my top 3 music players for android in 2019.


top 3 music players for android

Now there is a lot more to talk about this music player. This is the best of best music player you can get for your android phone.

It has a very simple, clean and beautiful looking interface that you will fall in love with it. It also comes with many beautiful themes to chose from.

Themes includes both premium and free themes.It is quite responsive and arranges all the songs in a systematic way.

top 3 music players for android

Stellio brings out the best Equalizer which gives you almost every authority to mix the song as you like. You can select various presets, can chose echo, bass etc for the song that you are listening. This is my personal favorite and I am using from last 2 years.

I have the premium version of it which costed me less than a dollar, so I recommend you to buy the premium version as it is ad free and offers many themes and features.

Download Stellio from here – STELLIO

2. Poweramp Music player

top 3 music players for android

Now my 2nd most favorite is poweramp music player. It offers you a lot of functions and has a very simple and sophisticated interface.

It offers different themes to choose from. You can customize so many things in it like Look and feel, Audios, visualizations, backgrund, album art etc.. This is a fully packed music player to get.

It offers both premium and trial version. Premium version is around 1.2$ which i think is appropriate for the features that it gives you.

Download Poweramp from – POWERAMP

3. Omnia Music Player

Now you might not have heard about this, I have kept this in top 3 because I have many reasons and it stands out to be best from other music players in the market.

The first great point about Omnia is that it does not include any ads so you can listen your music freely without any ads in it or buying any premium version for removing the ads.

It offers almost all the features that the premium music players offer.You can chose the color scheme of the music player by yourself, it also offer so many audio presets to choose from.

Download Ominia from here – OMNIA

So guys these were my top 3 music players for android in 2019. Hope you will like it as much as we liked them. Comment down below that which music players you like.

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