This Yoga Position will create WONDERS for Your HAIR

Most of the thing that we are seeing now a day is Hair fall. Previously it was an issue for middle age group people but now a days it has triggered the teenagers also. We have seen a lot of teenagers are facing the problem of Hair fall and Hair thinning. So today’s article will be related to –How to reduce hair fall and make your hair long and strong with just one Yoga Position.

This is 100% working method and changed the lives of thousands of people. So before starting the method let’s just know few things about Yoga.

Yoga (YOG) – The Truth

Yoga is an ancient word. It is a practice which is carried out from thousands of years. It includes different positions of the Body which makes your body healthy and disease free. Yoga has hundreds of different positions of the body which helps in number of things. If we have any kind of a disease or a problem, yoga solves it.

It is also believed that if a person does Yoga on a daily basis, he stays fit and healthy for entire life and it is very rare that he catches any illness.

Some Yoga positions help in Hair growth, Strong vision power, Back strength, Spinal cord Strength, Strong Immunity, Strong Breathing power and so many more.

So today we will be talking about the Yoga position which will increase the strength of your hair and you will never have any hair fall problem if you practice it on a daily basis in the morning especially.


Seersh Asana (Head Stand)

The position has been revealed, the name of this position is Seersh Asan or Head Stand in English. It is the position where you have to stand on your head. It might look difficult to do but it is very easy if done with practice on a daily basis.

How to do this position?

Step 1. Place your hands in the floor binding them together in upside down position.

Step 2. Now place your head in between your hand.

Step 3. Now try to push your legs in upper position and putting some force

Step 4. Now try to maintain balance and use your elbows to balance your body.

If you can’t maintain the balance initially, don’t worry, you can use the wall to position your body and balance it.


This is the way how to go for a head stand. Now you have to do atleast 4 sets of it. 1 set should be done for atleast 1 minute. Try to stay in Head stand position for a minute and then rest for another minute. Like that do 4 sets daily in the morning in an empty stomach.


Benefits of Seersh Asana

1. Strengthen Hair Follices

So the number 1 benefit of doing this Yoga Asan is it  strengthens your hair. Now you will think how? So there is a scientific fact behind this. We know that where ever there is the flow of blood, that part if healthy right? I f we talk about the hair, it is the top most part of the body. Due to gravity it happens several times that there is no proper blood circulation which decreases the strength of hair and it starts falling. When we are in the Seersh Asan position, we are in an upside down position which means that the blood flow comes towards our head, If we remain in this position for some time then the hair follicles gets enough blood flow to stay healthy.

2. Increase Eye Vision

We have seen how this position increases blood flow in our upper body especially head. Ir not only strengthens the hair but also improves the eye vision. Yes because of increased blood circulation, the eyes, ears, nose, these all organs starts to work much better because these all are interconnected to each other in the head. So by doing just one Yoga Position we are working on so much of our precious organs.

3. Improves Learning Power

Yes with Head Stand position, you can increase your learning power also because it increases the blood flow into the brain, through which the brains starts to function better and ultimately increases the learning power also if you do it on daily basis.



We came to know how just one Yoga position can benefits us in so many ways.Through Seersh Asan, one can increase their hair strengths which reduces hair fall and hair thinning and also one can keep their Eyes, nose, ears also healthy. One position can benefit you in so many ways, now think if you start practicing all positions of Yoga on a daily basis how much it will benefit you.

It is advised to all to start practicing Yoga daily in the Morning and make it a part of their Morning Routine.

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