These 5 remedies for Dry Cough will blow your mind Away!

Here you will find the remedies for dry cough which can last up to weeks and is a common flu now a days.

Dry Cough

dry cough remedy at home

Dry cough is a situation when you starts coughing very often and it does not stop. A dry cough does not produces mucus which happens in the case of a normal cough or flu. Now a days when there is a increase in a COVID 19 cases all over the world, dry cough is also one of the symptom of Corona Virus, but it is not necessary that if you are suffering from cough, you would be having COVID-19.

A dry cough can last up to 2 weeks or can be cured in a week if proper remedies are being followed. So let’s start and know more about the remedies that you can use to cure Dry Cough at home.

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Causes of Dry Cough Now a days

We have seen that now a days dry cough is a kind of a flu that many people gets infected with especially in winters. But have you thought that why you caught up this flu? There could be many reasons for dry cough.

Dry cough is caused because of respiratory infection or infection in the throat. Sometimes different viruses or bacteria or other pollutants enter into your throat and your body tries to remove them out which is the cause of the cough. But body fails to expel it out and this situation goes on and you starts to cough multiple times.


Symptoms of Dry Cough

A person who is suffering from Dry cough can experience these symptoms:

  1. Fever
  2. Head ache
  3. Pain in the throat
  4. Soar throat
  5. Very frequent coughs
  6. Pain while swallowing food or water

If these are the symptoms that you are experiencing, don’t worry we have effective solutions for you that you can try at home for immediate relief.


Dry Cough Effective Remedies

1. Honey with Black Pepper for dry cough

Yes you heard right! Honey has been used from many years to cure cough especially dry cough. It has been an effective remedy which is used by lot of people in their home. Honey is a product which is available at almost every kitchen and it is also inexpensive.

Honey is a great anti oxidant and very effective in case of cough. So if you are suffering from dry cough from lot many days. Try to mix honey and warm water and also add a little bit of Black pepper into it. It will become a wonder solution to cure your dry cough within few days.

Try this at least 2 times a day, can be in the morning and before bed for effective treatment.

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2. Turmeric paste and Milk

Yes turmeric powder is a great antibiotic and is used from decades to cure your body. Another solution for your dry cough is to mix turmeric powder with milk and have it before you sleep. These both ingredients are easily available at home ans is very effective in case of dry cough. You can also add some honey into it to make a miracle liquid drink for your cough.

Try this remedy and get relieved from cough within few days:)


3. Ginger and Honey- dry cough remedy

Yes Ginger has great antioxidants and is easily available at every home. Ginger is added to a lot of medicines because this herb is very effective for many diseases. People also add ginger to tea and have it.

For the home treatment, you have to cut a ginger and apply some honey into it and then have it. This honey and ginger solution will effectively cure your dry cough problem at home. I know ginger is a little bitter to taste but most of the natural medicines are bitter but act as a remedy to your problems.


4. Hot Water and Vitamin C

Yes it happens that we do not drink hot water. But if you are suffering from dry cough, hot water can be a miracle for you. It happens now a days that we only drink cold water. But especially in winters it is advised to drink hot water always. Doctors say that hot water cleans your throat and provide relief to it. In case of dry cough, hot water will purify it and will also provide relief to your veins. You can also add little bit of Tulsi or cinnamon powder into hot water to make it more effective and have it at least 3 time a day for effective dry cough solution.

Hot water is also used to burn your belly fat.It has a lot of benefits and everyone of us should make this habit to drink as much hot water as we can. You can also add lemon drops into hot water as lemon is a great source of Vitamin C which helps to build a strong immune system.


5. Breathing Exercises for dry cough

Yes the Yoga has given us different breathing exercises to make our lungs, our throat and our immune system strong so that we get relieved quickly and does not get these flu again.

I have made a separate article for Breathing exercises.

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Exercises like “Kapaal Bhaati” and Anulom Vilom” are two great exercises for all your breathing problems and also make your immunity stronger.


Things to Avoid

So we talked about few of the remedies which are very effective in case you are suffering from dry cough. But there are many things that you need to avoid when you are suffering from cough and cold.

  1. Stay away from Dust and dirt
  2. Don’t drink cold water
  3. Don’t have spicy food or junk food
  4. Avoid eating pickles
  5. Avoid direct contact with other person



So guys we got to know that dry cough can be cured at home easily with some of the ingredients that are alreay present at your home. This will save your extra cost and you can cure dry cough within few days.

Take as much as Vitamin C to strong up your immune system. Drink warm water and follow the above steps.

I hope you will get relieved soon and can sing again, if you are a singer 🙂 or can give speeches again.


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