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The term “Fashion Girl” is a revised cliché that I prefer not to use at this point, but let it be the 1% of matters where the expression actually applies. If I could summarize all the qualities that embody what it authentically means to live, breathe and consume Fashion, one of the first people that comes to mind would be Jordan Grant.

Fashion is literally a resounding part of your life. She is the director of content at Heat – a London-based trading company that “organizes new luxuries for a new generation of consumers.”

Targeting a Gen Z audience, the brand takes the famous sensation of boxes to a whole new level compared to incremental drops, including high-end designer pieces. Heat recently obtained start-up financing, among other things, from the LVMH conglomerate, so you can expect great things. Grant is the eye and the mind that capture and organize the marks in each box.

But beyond her duties of heat upth, she is a decisive figure on the London fashion scene with an invitation to support her. She is a regular at all exclusive fashion parties (Miu Miu and Loewe seem to particularly like her), and when Simon Porte Jacquemus summoned his team of muses to “sit” in the front row in boats along the historic banks of Versailles, she was one of them. TikTok has even made her a fashion icon.

Now let’s move on to another cliché — the ubiquitous fascination of “silent richness.” Grant is probably his antithesis. As the British designer tells me in the video chat, she is not a fan of the girls’ own aesthetics — a feeling that should not surprise anyone who has looked at her daring wardrobe choices.

Few people can pull off a full Schiaparelli look or earrings that radiate like static jellyfish tentacles, and in such a convincing way, but she throws them on as if they were just black pants to match everything. Nothing is really taboo when it comes to your style (unless it’s soap!), which is exactly why it is on every Moldboard.

The accomplished it Girl from the city took a Break to walk around London, do fashion and make top-notch TikToks, explaining why Miuccia Prada is “mom”, why good glamorous and eye-catching Accessories are always important and the principles of a Stop-and-star outfit.

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