Piles ( Hemorrhoids) Effective Treatment at Home !!

Hello Friends. Today we will be discussing about Piles, the causes of piles and most effective remedies to cure Piles at home without going to the hospital.

Piles (Hemorrhoids)

piles remedy

So before starting to cure Piles or hemorrhoids let’s first discuss that what are piles in actual.

Piles or Hemorrhoids are different times of muscle pop ups or lumps which comes out under your excreta part or bottom. These are various types of formations which are generally painful and also blood come out from it during excretion.  You might have noticed in what way or the another these piles in your live. Let’s check out some of the symptoms of Piles.


Symptoms of Piles

So how would you know that you have piles or not. If you notice the below symptoms,understand that you are suffering from piles and you need to treat it.

  1. Pain in the excreta part
  2. Itchiness in Bottom part
  3. Blood coming out during excretion
  4. Swallowing in your bottom part
  5. Mucus coming out.

So these are some of the symptoms of Piles. If you are experiencing it and want to cure it as soon as possible. You are in a right place. Keep reading and apply the remedies.


How Piles are Caused?

Ever wondered how those lumps came into your bottom part suddenly and they are itchy and painful? Piles are mainly caused if you are suffering from Constipation, or thick edge of the poo when coming out or pushing it quickly. It is still not clear that what are the causes of Piles but it can be caused through constipation and pushing hard. So beware and don’t put yourself into constipation.


Home Treatment of Piles

So now come to the important part on how to get rid of those lumps:) I have consulted with the doctors and researched and finally came to these few remedies which are very powerful and effective and will get you relief from Piles very quickly.

1. Lemon with Milk

This is one of the best home treatment of piles. 70% of you will get cured after using this method. Lemon and milk are two things which are easily available at home so you will not incurred any extra cost. You need to do this in the morning.

Step 1. Take some cold milk in a glass

Step 2. Now pour some lemon drops  into it

Step 3. Now drink it immediately.

Yes these 3 steps will act as a miracle in curing your piles problem. This treatment has been tested and the resuts were shown in just 3 days. Do it every morning in empty stomach and get relief from piles very quickly.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Yes the next best treatment of curing piles is hidden behind Apple Cider Vinegar. You can buy this easily from your daily store. If you are suffering from Piles Apple cider vinegar will play a major role in curing it. So how to use it?

External method:-

Step 1. Take some quantity of Apple Cider vinegar in a bowl

Step 2. Now take a cotton ball and dip it in the Vinegar

Step 3. Now clean your bottom part with this cotton where piles have taken place.

Step 4. Do this method several times in a day till the swelling comes down and pain starts to reduce.


Internal Method:-

Step 1. Take a glass of water.

Step 2. Add some Apple cider vinegar into it.

Step 3. Drink it

Do it at least 2 times a day for quick relief from piles. So now you got to know that how effective Apple vinegar is and is used to cure piles very quickly at home.


 3. Drinking a lot of Fluids

If you are suffering from piles, make sure to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. Taking fluids is very essential and it is very helpful in curing piles quickly.

With the passage of time piles will get cured. You can add lemon drops into water and drink it as lemon act as anti oxidant and is full of Vitamin C, it will help to cure piles quickly.


4.  Radish and Milk Mixture for Piles treatment

The next home treatment to cure piles is to cut some radish and then convert it into a thick paste. Now add some milk into it and shake it well to convert everything into a liquid paste.

Now take some cotton and dip it into this paste and apply to the affected area where piles have happened.

Do it twice a day for better results and quick treatment of piles at home.


5. Ointments and Creams

Having discussed the home treatments of piles. Applying the above methods will surely provide you relief in piles. But you can also consult the physician and apply some creams but don’t apply it often. Try to use the natural ways of curing piles as discussed above. There are certain creams and ointments available in the medical store which are very effective but don’t apply them on daily basis. Let the piles cure themselves naturally and using natural products.


6. Surgical Treatments

In case the Piles are severe and you experience a lot of blood coming out with irresistible pain, you have to consult the doctor immediately. If he suggests, a surgery would be necessary to cure it. But it happens at least cases that a surgery is required.

Just follow the natural methods to cure Piles or Hemorrhoids.


7. “Kapaal Bhaati”-  A Powerful Yoga Treatment for Piles

Guys this is the last treatment so that you don’t get piles ever in your life. A kapaal Bhaati is a yoga practice which is use to control breathing activity and has a lot of benefits hidden. I have written a full article regarding this. You can check it out.


Things to Avoid During Piles

There are some of the things that you have to avoid to worsen the situation.

  1. Avoid Spicy food and junk food
  2. Avoid getting into constipation
  3. Don’t try to poo hard=



So now we came to know how to cure Piles or Hemorrhoids easily by following some of the home remedies. These remedies are very effective and will provide you the results very quickly. Follow the guidelines and be a healthy person. Stay safe and keep exercising.

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