Oily Skin: Causes, Home Remedies, foods and drinks

Oily Skin

Oily skin is a problem that many of the people especially the teenagers are facing nowadays especially in summers. We see that due to heat, sweat and oily skin pimples or acne emerge on the face. Pimples are the problem of lot of teenagers nowadays. Lot of school going kids and college going students are facing the problem of acne in the regular span of their life. But do you know that the main problem of acne or pimples is oily skin? So today we will be discussing about what are the causes of oily skin and How you can control the oil on your face as it is the one of the major cause of pimples on your face.  let’s start our journey towards an oil free skin.

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What Causes Oily skin?

Some of the  problems what causes oily skin or excessive oil to your skin especially to the face. But do you know that what are the causes of oily skin or why you are getting so much oil on your face when you are taking the precautions?

1. Genetics

The first main cause of oily skin is the genetics.  Have you wondered that you are having a very oily skin and your friend doesn’t ?  Have you also noticed that you are having a lot of pimples on your face but your friend doesn’t ? It is all because of the genetics. The oily glands present in your face are excreting more oil than it should,  it is because of Genetics or maybe because of some medication. We can’t change what is in our genes, but we can take several steps to control that oil  which will be discussed further in the article. So Genetics is one of the major cause of getting oily skin.

2. Medications

You have to check that what are the medications that you are using on daily basis or what are the medicines that you are taking in general life. Sometimes the oily skin arise from certain medicines also. Sometimes the medicines cause dryness of the skin which makes the oil glands to produce more oil which causes excess oil in your skin and which further gives you the problem of pimples or acne on your face.

So you have to check that what are the medications you are taking and try to minimize that in order to have oil free skin.

3. Hormonal changes

Oily skin can also arise due to hormonal changes.  The teenagers who are having the problem of oily skin,  can be having hormonal changes in the body which is letting the oily glands to produce more oil in your skin.

So there is no method to control the hormones but you can take certain precautions to control the oil in your face.

4. Stress and Dirt

 show the next cause of oily skin is taking stress and dirt and dust on your skin especially your face.  oil can also arise in your face if you are taking too much stress because it creates hormonal imbalance which can lead to the excretion of more oil from the oil glands.  also if you are in polluted area or a dusty area so the dust and pollutants which comes to your face can cause the oil glands to produce more oil.


Oily Skin Home Remedies

So these are some of the oily skin home remedies that you can try in your home to get rid of that extra oil from your face and get acne free skin.

1.Washing the face on frequent intervals

We know that our skin is oily and it is producing a lot of oil to your face which is causing pimples and acne. So your work should be to wash your face as much as you can per day as it will help to reduce and remove that extra oil from your face which is causing pimples on your your skin. Use a good natural face wash to wash your face but do not use simple soaps to wash it frequently.


2. Avoid fatty foods

By fatty foods I mean the junk food or the fast food. The fast food like Burger pizza, chaat, hamburger, paratha etc  are fatty foods which contains lot of oil. So our work here should be to avoid these kinds of food which causes excessive oil to come out of your face.

If you want to have a clear pimple free and oil free skin you have to sacrifice the junk food for your special burgers or pizzas or pickles


3. Drink Plenty of water

Now this is the method which most of us forget and we do not consider it important. Drinking at least 3- 4 litres of water in a day, helps to clear up the skin and it helps yo reduce the oil from your face and also clear up the pimples.

Try drinking 4 litres of water for 30 days and you will see the results. You skin will become clear and fresh and it will also help you to reduce that extra oil from your face.


4. Oily Skin Face Wash

You can also apply and try to wash your face frequently by different Oily skin face wash. There are plenty of Oily skin best face wash available in the market which you can buy and apply on your face.

The oily skin face wash will help you to remove the oil from your face and hence it will not give birth to acne or pimples on your face.


5. Don’t overuse Beauty Products

I suggest you if you are having oily skin and don’t use beauty products on your face and also avoid moisturizers on your face. The beauty products contain different chemicals and they imbalance the hormones. Also don’t use any moisturizers because already your skin is oily, you don’t need that.

Use natural Ayurvedic products like Aloe Vera, coconut oil on your face instead as they are natural and healthy and will nourish your skin.


So these were some of the Oily skin remedies at home which you can apply and get oil free skin.


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