Natasha Matter Changed Career to Help Eat Better Lunch Bunch

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It is rare that we bring a guest, but there is no doubt that Natasha matter, the brilliant founder and CEO of Lunch Bunch, is the perfect exception. We first met with matter in 2018, when she was the head of Coolhaus, a phenomenal ice cream company, after a previous career in architecture. matter and his current wife, Freya, have dedicated themselves to creating an ice cream brand that has resonated with their generation.

Coolhaus has grown rapidly after its electrifying debut at Coachella in 2009 (via an ice cream truck) and, as of 2018, has three body stores and 25 awesome flavors in more than 6,000 retailers.

But matter’s career path has taken some exciting twists and turns since our last conversation. After leaving her daily role at Coolhaus, she launched a new company: Lunch Bunch, a company designed to stimulate children’s curiosity by eating healthy lunches for children. The inspiration for this ingenious concept came from matter’s role as a mother of two children.

She recognized an important gap in the market for nutritious and practical meals specially designed for the most demanding eaters: children. Lunch Bunch was launched as a Food Subscription service and has since grown into a rewarding partnership program. In collaboration with more than 20 schools, The Initiative offers healthy lunches and provides young minds with valuable knowledge about food, nutrition and cooking.

matter’s ability to change her career path over and over again is simply inspiring. From architecture to ice cream to children’s nutrition, his career testifies to his remarkable adaptability and his spirit of innovation. Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to find out how matter decided to make another incredibly successful career turn and where she plans to evolve the brand next.

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