Morning Routine that creates WONDERS in Human Body!

Hey guys so today I am back with a Healthy and most demanded article for you all. Today I will be discussing about a Morning routine which most of the Fitness freak people follow and live their life staying fit and disease free. By following these few steps you can stay fit and achieve a Healthy lifestyle throughout your life. This Routine will keep you away from any type of diseases or infections.

So let’s start.

1.  Waking Up at 5 am for Healthy Lifestyle

Guys many of us have a problem waking up early in the morning. It is one of the reason by which people are becoming lazy and more prone to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some of the reasons why the people are not waking up early in the morning is their night schedule. We know that most of us sleep late at night. This is a very bad habit. Either people are busy in the social media or playing games like Pubg etc. People are sleeping at 12 am or 1 am in the morning which spoils their morning schedule also, that’s why they end up waking up at 9 or 10 am in the morning.

So It is the advice for all of us to sleep early in the night to wake up early in the morning. Now most of us think that what will we do waking up early. The answer is that you are getting that 2-3 hours extra in your day by waking up early. Th doctors also recommend that a sleep of atleast 6 hours is sufficient for a human body. The extra hours that we are getting can be used for various purposes like exercising, workouts in gym, Yoga, Meditation etc. These are the things which will keep us fresh and active all day and will also increase our immunity which is necessary in fighting the diseases.

If you can go the gym in the morning, this will not only save your precious time but will also keep you active and you will achieve a healthy lifestyle. Remember we all got 24 hours in a day. It depends on us that how do we use it:)

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2. YOGA for a fit lifestyle

Now guys so let’s imagine you have successfully managed to wake up early in the morning and if you don’t have a gym near by you, so don’t worry. Yoga is the best practice which will create wonders in the human body. We know that Yoga is a practice that is done from so many years to keep your body fit and healthy. In India w e have Baba Ramdev as our Yog guru who teaches a lot of Asanas that humans can do to achieve fit life.

There are a lot of different Yoga positions that we can do in the morning. Some of them are:

  1. Sheersh Asan
  2. Chakra Asan
  3. Padma Asan
  4. Hal Asan

And many more. There are lot of positions which you will find on Youtube. These Body positions not only increase your ability of immune system but will also keep you active and disease free. Everyone should have this habit of doing Yoga in the morning to achieve wonders.


3. Meditation – Best Practice for Mental Strength

Now we have talked about the physical strength, now you can also do meditation in the morning, which will increase your mental strength. Mental strength is as important as Physical strength. I have seen a lot of people don’t remeber things for quite long. Through Meditation they can increase their grasping power and it will also provide inner peace to your body.

How to do Meditation:

  1. Sit in the calm place away from noise in the morning
  2. Close your eyes and take deep breaths
  3.  now just focus on your breaths and  forget about everything.

You see, just 3 steps to attain a nice meditation position. It is guaranteed that doing just 10-15 mins meditation everyday in the morning will create wonders in your body.


4. Drinking Hot water- As soon as you wake up

Guys this is one of the best practice which you can do daily in the morning. Guys Drinking warm water in the morning comes with a lot of benefits. This is also advised from the doctors that if you drink warm water in the morning when your stomach is empty, it will create wonders in your body.

A hot water glass cleans up your body. For extra tip you can add few drops of lemon or Amla into it. This will cleans up your body and will also increase your immunity power..I  myself adopted this practice daily in the morning. It will also help to reduce your acne on the face. Also we have seen that drinking warm water helps to reduce Belly fat. So it is one of the way to reduce weight also:)

Doing this daily will creates wonders in your body soon. You can also drink Green tea in the morning as it contains organic herbs and helps you for a healthy lifestyle.

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5. Morning Jog – a Step towards Fitness

Guys last but not least, The best thing is to go for a Morning Jog. I am saying Jogging not walking. You can go around the park in the morning or where ever you want. I have seen a lot of people carrying earphones and mobile phones with them. I suggest you to Not take your Phone or head phones with you.

It is advised to experience the nature to its fullest. In the morning, you will experience the chirps of the birds, winds, and natural voices. The air is also fresh in the morning as the trees have exhaled a lot of oxygen in the night. So instead of listening to those loud music in the morning, i suggest to keep it simple and natural.

A 1-2 mile morning walk will increase your strength, increase your immunity and will keep you active all day.



So guys these were some of the methods which you can apply in the morning, which will create wonders in your body. I know waking up is not that easy for some of us. But if we want to live healthy and disease free life, wee have to adopt this lifestyle. Ultimately it is beneficial for all of us.Now a days we have seen how Corona virus is infecting a lot of lives. If your immunity is strong, i bet no viruses can touch you. Now it is our choice to increase our disease fighting ability by adopting this morning routine.

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