Mixed System Gathering and Nez Pioneers Allison Statter

In the world of entrepreneurship, partnerships can often lead to revolutionary innovations and remarkable successes. matter in point: Allison Stetter and Sherry Jhawar, the brilliant minds behind the Blended Strategy Group and the revolutionary Nose deodorant. In addition to carving out a niche for themselves in celebrity and influencer marketing, these co-founders ventured into the field of personalized beauty products, leaving an indelible mark in several industries.

Blended Strategy Group was founded in 2015 and originally started as a celebrity and influencer marketing agency. Over time, it has become a multifaceted agency offering services in the fields of Integrated Marketing, public relations, social media, etc. The company’s expertise in brand creation is demonstrated by its collaboration with leading names such as Gwen Stefani’s Gxve and Jennifer Meyer Fragrance & Beauty, which helps consolidate its reputation as an industry leader.

The dynamic duo recently went behind the scenes to create their first owned and operated brand — Nose. Nez is an innovative brand of aluminum-free deodorants that goes beyond the traditional to provide personalized solutions. Deodorants are designed for specific occasions and sweating situations, including workouts, boardroom meetings and appointments. Available in bright and smoky fragrances, deodorants are sold directly to consumers and at renowned retailers such as Urban Outfitters.

However, the trips of Stetter and Jhawar were not always connected. Jhawar, a graduate of Harvard Business School, made her name as a founding member and head of global marketing at EOS, the revolutionary lip balm company.

During this time, Stetter was a powerhouse at Azoff Music Management, managing high-profile artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Jewel and Mariah Carey. Their paths crossed as they teamed up to book celebrity talent for EOS, and the realization came that their combined Expertise could produce something extraordinary. This fateful collaboration led to the creation of the Blended Strategy Group and finally to the birth of Nez. Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to find out how Stetter and Jhawar came together to seamlessly join forces and pave the way for innovative business ventures that thrive on creative energy and a Shared Vision.

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