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Hey guys what’s up? Today we are going to talk about a very special topic by which you can earn a lot. This is a million dollar article so read it carefully. Today we are going to discuss about Cloud Token. Is it a scam? Is it worth? Does it really pays? We will all catch it up here. So let’s start.

cloud token

What Is Cloud Token?

Cloud Token is a decentralized wallet. It is also one of the world’s social wealth wallet. Cloud token uses 4.0 Blockchain platform technology. Guys basically it is a wallet that stores your crypto currency like Bitcoin, Etherium, Tether etc. So you will wonder what’s new in it? Right?

Guys the best part of this wallet is that just for storing your crypto in it or depositing your crypto in it, it pays you interest. The monthly interest that is claimed is 6%-12% monthly!! Surprising right? But that’s the truth. It means if you keep your crypto deposited in it for an year, you could earn 72% interest yearly!! that means your money is almost doubled in an year!

How You Get the Interest?

So the interest that you receive is 6%-12% monthly and it comes daily in your wallet making it a minimum 6% monthly. You get the interest in form of CTO’s into your wallet. 1 CTO= 0.5096$ currently and it is increasing. Through CTOS which is known as Cloud Tokens, you can either convert them to the Crypto currency and withdraw them or you can either put it back into it for earning more.

How Cloud Token Pays you So much Interest? JARVIS AI?

Guys 6% is huge right? So how they pays you? Cloud Token has a robot named as Jarvis AI which is an automatic robot which trades with your money which is deposited into your wallet and pays the interest to every member who has activated JARVIS.

As shown in the image, you need to put your deposited Crypto into JARVIS AI, that’s it. Now you will start receiving CTO’s daily. The best part is you can withdraw your deposited money anytime from the wallet to your external wallet and to your bank account. There is only one condition that if you wish to withdraw money before 1 month from Jarvis then you have a 10% penalty. And after earning so much interest I expect no one to withdraw their money before 1 month.

What are Share Rewards?

Guys already you are receiving 6% minimum interest monthly but Cloud Token even allows you to earn more by using their Share Rewards.

For any person you invite, and he deposits into the wallet, you get whatever he gets, but you should be having more than 500$ in you Jarvis Project and the person should also deposit 500$ or more into the project for you to earn.

For example you have deposited 500$ into Cloudtoken and Jarvis AI, you will be earning about 30$ monthly as per interest right? now you refer a friend and he also deposits 500$ into it, he will also get 30$ monthly, and you will also get the same amount as he is earning which is 30$, so you will be making 60$ monthly and so on forever, if your friend keeps his crypto deposited.

We have people around the world making thousands of dollars daily.

How to get Started into this amazing Project?

It is very simple guys lets talk a step by step process.

  1. Download Cloud Token app from play store or App Store.
  2. Now register on it by putting our mail, password etc.
  3. Now enter this Referral Code -5045965257
  4. Now you will land to screen of Home page where you see multiple options and the wallets for the cryptos like BTC, ETH, USDT etc as shown below:
cloud token scam
cloud token

5. Now you need to deposit crypto in it from external wallet.

6. If you are in india, you can download Coindcx from Playstore and add INR to it and buy a crytpcurrency and then send it to the receving address of your any crypto wallet of Cloudtoken. If you are from any other country you can have any external wallet like, Coinmama etc and deposit the crypto into the wallet.

This is my first withdrawal of 1267 Rs or 18$ within 20 days.

7. Now in few minutes you will see the crypto in your Cloud token wallet.

8. Now go to Projects and click on JARVIS AI, and then select the wallet in which you have deposited your crypto and click on enter the amount.

9. Done!! You have participated into Jarvis and you will start earning interest daily.

10. After earning you can do a CTO conversion to convert your CTO into USDTERC20 or ETH and then withdraw it back to your external wallet like coindcx or coinmama and then finally to your bank account . IT TAKES ONLY FEW MINUTES TO DO IT GUYS.

Guys It is legit and your money is insured as stated by Mr Ronald Aai, the MD of Cloud Token, I myself is into this project and I have made my first withdrawal today and it was way too quick. Within 10 mins I got my first payout,

I suggest you all to try Cloud Token and earn massive. For more information you can comment down below or contact me on Instagram or Telegram @legend34 to know more.

That’s it for today. Start earning today

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