Is your Body Purified? Do it within Minutes!

Whatever our lifestyle is now a days, whatever we eat, whatever we drink and wherever we go, our body gets impacted everyday. Think about yourself. Is your Body purified? Do you want to purify your system? If yes then your can do it by giving just few minutes everyday to your body.

Our lifestyle now a days is very different from that of the people of past years. We can see how we don’t get time now a days to look after our body.

Causes of Wrong Lifestyle

The busy schedule, less physical work, more sitting work, junk food and wrong sleeping timings has created an immense difference in our body. This has also impacted our Average Age.

Previously the average age of the person was approx 80 but now we can see it has gone down to 60. It has happened because of our wrong lifestyle.

People keep sitting on their computers for hours and hours, eat there, smoke and also eat wrong food. These all habits are worse for a human body. But don’t worry today we are going to talk about something which can purify your whole body within minutes.

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Purifying Your Body

Purification is necessary, as we know we have to clean the dirt of our body which has happened due to bad lifestyle.If you can give just 10 minutes of your life to Yoga and Meditation, it can purify your body immensely. Now I am not talking about doing the different positions as it used for different purposes.

Today we are going to know about “Kapal Bhaati” and “Anulom Vilom”. These are two methods which are necessary to purify your body.

1. Kapaal Bhaati

It is an ancient practice which is used to control the breathing activity and purify your whole system. Yes it is true and is carried out from decades.   It not only purifies your lungs and stomach but also increases your immune system so you can fight easily with any disease. It also provides inner peace to the person.

How to do it?

Step 1. Sit comfortably on a carpet or floor

Step 2. Now exhale air with pressure from your nose and simultaneously pull your stomach back

Step 3. Repeat the process

It is that simple. This process has to be done not in a fast manner but at a medium speed. It should be done for atleast 2-3 minutes.

After it is done you will feel fresh and increase in overall energy of your body as it exhales our most of the carbon dioxide from your body and let you intake more oxygen.

This process if done on regular basis will Purify your body and also increase your immunity power.

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2. Anulom Vilom

The next method to purify your body is by following the method of doing Anulom Vilom. This practice has also been carried out from many years. It Increases your lung power and increase the immunity too. Doing this activity on a daily basis will help you to concentrate more and provide mental peace

How to do it?

Step 1. Sit and relax on the floor

Step 2. Close your left nostril with left thumb and inhale from your right nostril

Step 3. Now exhale from your left nostril while holding the right nostril from your left finger.

Step 4. Repeat the process

It is simple exercise and will create wonders for your body. It is one of the best ways to purify your body.



Guys we knew from the above article that how you can purify your whole body with just two simple breathing exercise. Remember we are alive right now because we need air, we need oxygen to run our body and nothing great than controlling the breathing and increasing the intake of oxygen.

Kapaal Bhati is an years old technique used to purify the body. Try it from today and see the results in coming days. Anulom Vilom is another practice used for the purification.

The best part about these exercise is that after doing it regularly you will see how your immunity and energy starts to increase. You will also be able to hold the breath for atleast 1.5 minutes after doing it because I personally can do this after following the exercise daily. The longer you can hold your breath, the stronger your immune system becomes.

If you have any queries, you are free to ask in comment section below. Also share the results after experiencing it.


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