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Is UPI a great move by Google Play store?

Guys this is a great news to all of you. We know that most of you use Play store on your android phone and many of you download mostly all the apps from play store right? There’s a great news for all of you that now you can pay through UPI on play store. Do you think it is a great move by Google play store? Let’s find out.

Why to use UPI on play store?

upi in play store

Guys we know that you all are apps freaks or games freaks right? There are lot of apps and games or maybe books which are free to use in play store but there are certain paid apps and games also that you have to pay to the developer through play store to use them.

Also you want the premium version of any app or game, you have to pay. For example camscanner or maybe poweramp unlocker, these apps are paid and you have to pay money out of your pocket for using them.

Now there are certain payment methods that google allows for example Credit card, Debit card, netbanking or redeeming the code but now you can add your UPI id and pay through it.

Isn’t it a great news, It have solved the problems of all of people especially the Indians because Unified payment interface is trending and standing out of all the payment gateways. Whether we see Google Pay or BHIM or maybe Phone pe, all of them are using UPI.

What is UPI?

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. It can be said it is a system which allows us to send the money from one account to the another bank out instantly or in a fractions of seconds through your mobile phone.

There is a UPI id that you make or get by your operator which allows you nothing but this UPI id to enter anywhere to receive or send money.

Is UPI great move by Google Play store?

Of course Yes, as crores of people are using UPI for transferring money now adays, its easy and convenient. Earlier it was difficult for people to add their debit or credit card in the Play store but now its just a fractions of seconds to add your BHIM UPI id in it and pay for any app or game you like.

So what you guys think about it? Comment down below.

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