How to stop Hairfall and Regrow hair

Hey guys so this topic is very interesting to stop hairfall and regrow hair. Lot of people gets scared when they see their hair falling. I am not talking about the girls but also the boys are very much fed up of this. If I talk about myself, a few weeks ago my hairfall also started but I timely treated it and now it has stopped. So I will share with you some of my suggested solutions so that you can also stop hairfall and make different hairstyles as you like.

  1. Oiling
oiling will help to stop hairfall

Let’s start with the oiling part first. Boys I know about you that you use wax and gels for your hair and that is common because I personally do that but you know what excessive or regular usage of wax makes the hair lining thin which causes hairfall very rapidly.

Now I am not saying that you stop using the wax and spoil your hairstyle. I am saying that make it possible to remove the wax after 6-7 hours. Don’t let it be in your hair for all day. When you come back from your college or your office. The first thing to do is to wash your hair and your face of course.

Make a habit of oiling your hair atleast 2 times a week. Oiling not only helps to moisturize your hair but it also helps to provides proteins and minerals to the hair.

Just do it atleast 2 months and you will see rapid change in your hair and your hairfall will stop because 90% of the hairfall occurs because your hairs are getting dry and thin.

Use different oils like Coconut oil, castor oil, Ghee, mustard oil, Leech oil etc. These are very helpful.

  • Onion juice
onion juice to stop hair fall and hair loss

Yes it’s right, from decades onion juice is used to regrow hair and stop hairfall and hairloss and hair loss and fill up the patches.

For this just takes 1-2 onion and squeeze it and take the juice. Apply the juice in the affected area. Do it for 1-2 months and see the results.

  • Aloe Vera Gel
aloevera for hairloss and stop hair fall

Yes, aloevera not only have anti-ageing properties but it also helps to reduce hair fall and regrow hair. Just take few drops of aloevera gel and apply it in the affected area and give a gentle massage to it. Leave it overnight. Do this for 1-2 months and see the great results. It will surely help to reduce hairloss

  • Eat More Proteins
more proteins to stop hairloss

We know that hair is made up of proteins and these are necessary for strong hold of the hair. I suggest you to add more protein in your diet and have a balanced diet with all the vitamins and minerals.

You can add eggs and meat if you are non veg and add pulses, cheese and curd if you are vegetarian.

This will help you to build your hair strong and stop hairfall.

  • Stop using Products in your hair
stop using wax, gels to stop  hairfall

This is the most important method to reduce your hair fall. The products that we apply now a days are the biggest threat to our hair. The shampoos and conditioners, wax, gels and coloring of hair. These all products are very harmful. In my saying just stop using every product that you apply in your hair. Just wash them with cold water everyday without applying anything. Do this for 1-2 months and results will out in front of you. You will see that your hairloss is reduced and hair lining is also becoming strong.

  • More water

Make a habit of drinking at least 3 litres of water everyday. Always we have heard this thing but for we apply?

If you want to get stronger and shinier hair, start drinking 3-4 litres water every day and see the results. It will help to stop hairfall and hairloss

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