How to make money from Blogging.

Hey guys today I am back with a very interesting and money minded topic for you. If you want to make money from blogging and from website then this article is for you.

If you know how to write articles and have a nice knowledge about the things then you can convert your knowledge into dollar. Yes , its true. Now make money from blogging and website.

So let’s get started.

  1. Think of your blog/website name
Think name to make money from blogging

So if you have planned to start a blog and make money from blogging then first step is to think a name of it. It can days for you to think a special name for your website, because its your first blog/website and you want the best of it.

You can think any name for it which you think is suitable for the posts that you will post. For example if you want to start a tech blog then you can choose something like or anything you like.

This is the first part of starting a blog or a website.

  • Buy a Domain and hosting
Buy domain and hosting to make money from blogging

Now my friend don’t search for any free domains and hosting available in the market. You will find many free domains and hosting and that is of no use. If you are serious about blogging and making a website then there is an investment required. If that little investment is going to make you thousands of dollars in future then why not to invest?

Buy a domain and hosting from trusted sellers like Godaddy, namecheap, hostgator etc. You you don’t know how to purchase a domain and a hosting then comment down below I will tell you to do it. I will suggest you to use godaddy. Purchase a basic managed wordpress hosting and you will get the domain for free for the first year 🙂

This is the best deal. You can edit your blog/website on wordpress which is the best editor in my opinion and make money from blogging.

  • Build your blog/website
Use wordpress to build your website or blog and make money from blogging

Now after purchasing the domain and a hosting, you are ready to rock. Now you can start building the website/blog. WordPress offers you the simplest methods to build the website. Many years ago it was very difficult to build a website as it required coding, but now a days if you have zero knowledge about coding, you can still build a great website easily. Choose a theme in wordpress and start editing it. If you want to know how to edit the website then let me know in comments below, I will make separate article on that. Edit your website and start writing posts on it

  • Integrate your website with Google Adsense
Connect your website with adsense and make money from blogging

Now comes the most important part that is to connect your website/blog with Google adsense or you can chose other ad networks also like etcbut from my opinion Adsense is the best.

Sign up for an adsense account because this is the place where all your earnings are going to come and you will withdraw it from there only.

Now what you need to do is to after editing your website according to google policy, you can connect it to adsense by sending you website to adsense. Make sure you make your website according to google policy and then send for approval, otherwise it will be rejected.

It will take around 7 days and you will get an email from google stating if your application is accepted or rejected. If it is approved, you are ready to make money from blogging an website. You will have to add the ad codes from adsense to your website where you want to show your ads and it will be done.

Join Adsense here – Adsense

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and Keyword researching
Do the complete SEO of your website and make money from blogging

Now this is a very important step for ranking your website in google. You have to SEO of your website and keyword researching. You have to make your articles in such a way that it is easily readable and nicely optimized. Now I will write a separate article on how to do great SEO for your website. Also make sure to share your website to your friends through social media and make it reach to as many people as you can. You can also chose Google Ads for promoting your website and make money from blogging and website.

  • Earn Dollars!!
make money from blogging

Now if the traffic will increase in your website then likely more people will read your posts. Ads will also be shown by the side of the article and if the user finds the ad interesting and he/she clicks on it and visits it, then you will earn the money. It will be credited in your adsense account.

Guys so what are you waiting for? Start building a website and make money from blogging and website sitting in your home with little bit of smart work. First you Learn then you Earn.

Give it time and certainly it will pay you. For more information on how to build a website and if you didn’t understand something here, or you want me to make a website for you then mail be personally.

Mail- [email protected]

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