How to Loose Weight in 30 days (Guaranteed)

Yes you heard right. If you are obese and wanted to loose weight and loose fat then this article is especially for you my dear.Never get embarrassed that you are overweight or you can’t loose your weight. YOU CAN! AND YOU WILL!

So let’s start what made you increase your weight? There is only and only one reason that increases your weight which is calories. Now a days everyone wants to loose weight but they think that they can do it by just watching the videos eating junk food. They are wrong, if you are really serious than you have get out of that sofa and start working on below methods.

Your weight depends on how much calories you are taking in. A human body requires an average of 2000 calories per day to complete all the work he do and that is the source of his energy also.

1. Reduce your calories Intake

Yes right if you want to reduce the fat and your weight, you have to stop reduce the number of calories you take in a day. First of all make a timetable that what do you eat in a whole day. Make a timetable starting from Morning to the night before sleep. If you are serious in losing/reducing the weight you have to make a timetable.

See what all food and drinks yo

u are taking every day. You are gaining weight because you are taking more calories than you require in a day. Let’s say your body demands 2500 a day and you are taking 4000 calories a day, its going to increase your weight at any cost!!

Calories don’t only come from solid food but also from liquid drinks. Reduce the amount of calories and do this every day and see the results in 30 days and loose fat.

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2. Say no to fatty foods/junk food

I know that you a foody and love to eat junk foods and fatty foods, but these are your biggest threats which lead to your stomach to come out.

Say no to burgers, pizza, hotdogs and any other fatty foods, because it’s the fat that has stored in your body which lead to your increasing weight.Avoid this and loose weight:)

3. Exercise

Now Let’s say that you have reduced the calories intake and also not taking any fatty foods. So what will you do sit back and relax? Of course not.

Now you have to work hard and exercise. Let the calories and the fat burn out of your body. If you can join gym that’s holy nice but if you cannot don’t worry, just do it in your home and loose fat.

You can start morning jogging. I am not saying Morning walks but Morning jogs. Start with light exercise and as you progress try to speed up and make it intense. Do pushups, Sit ups and various other fat burning and abs exercises. See the results in 30 days 🙂

4. Eat balanced diet

Now I suppose you should have left that junk and fatty food so what will you eat? Definitely you are not going to remain hungry right?

Eat a balanced diet. If you don’t know what a balanced diet is then see here Balanced Diet. It contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals required by your body. Take more green vegetables and no fat foods. Eat more proteins including pulses. It will give you a healthy body and help to loose fat.

5. Will power

Will power should be strong

I know only a few of you will adapt to this process. If every one of you can, I guarantee that you will never gain weight again and enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Just have a strong will power. If someday you have crave for having a burger or pizza, try the best to ignore it. Ignoring it will lead to losing the weight.


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