How to increase Public speaking skills?

Hello people How are you all? This is your friend Aadarsh here. So today we will be talking about the most important rather I would say the most demanded question that “How to increase public speaking skills”.

I know most of you are afraid when it comes to public speaking or speaking in front of your class or maybe in a group. Don’t worry it is common for everyone. If you ask any public speaking expert he would also say that getting nervous is a common thing.

If you see the top speakers like Mr Narendra Modi or Bill gates or Mr Sunder Pichayi, you gets motivated right? And I want you to get all the qualities they have about public speaking. So let’s start

1.Increase Communication Skills

Ok so before starting to speak in public I want you to work on your communication skills because it is the most important skill that you need. Ever saw yourself when you are speaking in public you bumble with the words? Right? This is because you need to work more on communication skills whether is English or any other language.

The best method to do is to read more and more articles or news LOUDLY in your room. You can also read newspapers or any other material. Go through the tenses, learn new words and try to make a flow of pronouncing the sentences. This will increase your communication skills.

2. Never Read the topic, understand it!

So guys whatever topic you are speaking in public, maybe you are talking about the economy of USA or maybe Global warming, don;t just read and learn the topic but understand it thoroughly. If you just learn and read it you will surely get a problem while speaking, maybe you will struck somewhere and try to remember the lines. Don’t do that!

Whatever topic you are going to speak, just go deep into it and learn every basic part of it. Not just learn but understand it. This will make you not to struck in between and if you know the every basic of it, you can speak anything about it so that you audience will not spot you 😉

3. Practice in front of mirror and camera

Ok so guys let’s say there two days remaining for your speech, I want you to practice it in front of the mirror and if possible in front of a camera. Place your phone in front of you and start recording and look directly into the camera. After you have finished speaking, you can always check the camera for your mistakes and correct it.

The best way to increase your public speaking skills is to make a Youtube channel and start putting your videos into it. You can make any video and share your knowledge with the people. In this way you will become more and more confident and public speaking will be like a butter for you.

4. Try to speak in front of your friends

Guys if you have 3-4 friends, you can speak in front of them, this will increase your confidence and also your friends will correct you wherever you are lacking. I have personally done this many times 😉

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5. Never look at the eyes of people

Yes guys when ever you are speaking, don’t ever look at the eyes of the people, instead look at their foreheads, because if you look at the forehead of the people, for them sitting far it will seem that you are looking at their eyes but you are actually looking at their foreheads. Looking directly at the eyes can make you forget the words and also don’t stare a particular person, but keep looking all the people. in the foreheads right 😉

6. Use your hands and speak loudly

Always use your hands while speaking but don’t use them too much, only use them wherever necessary. This will create a great impression in front of audience. Make sure to speak clear and loud so that it is audible to the audience.

Always drink a sip of water before going to the stage and take some deep breaths, this will help to reduce nervousness and give you a boost to rock the stage!

So guys follow the above methods, practice them and this will help you to increase public skills.

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