How to get High CPC on Google Adsense 2020

how to get high cpc on google adsense

Hey guys how are you. Today I am going to share with you how you can get High cpc on Google Adsense if you are running a website or a blog for yourself. I am going to share my personal views and thoughts with you alright.

Let’s start

First of all you have to keep some points in mind that Google adsense cpc is based on many factors:

1.Country for high CPC adsense

high cpc adsense keywords 2020

So first of all your CPC depends upon the location of your traffic. For example if your visitors are coming from the countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia etc, your Cost per click will be very low because these countries do not invest much in their Advertisements. If your visitors are coming from the countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK etc then your cpc will be quite high because they invest lot of money for advertisements.

Lesson to be Learned- You need to work on your content and drive the visitors from the countries like USA.

2. Content

The second part is the content which means the articles that you write. Whatever you write, it should be of high quality with excellent readability. If you writing lame articles which are not unique or which have lot of grammatical mistakes, less advertisers will bid on your website which means Low CPC.

Lesson to be Learned – Write your articles in high quality and unique to drive more visitors and advertisers.

3. Keywords

Your CPC also depends on the keywords that you use to write your articles. For example The keywords like Insurance, loans, mortgage, Banks, Mesothelioma etx are high CPC keywords.

Lesson to be Learned – Try to write articles on High CPC adsense Keywords 2020 -Like Insurance, Loans, Data, Mortgage etc.

4. Traffic

Now you need to drive visitors into your website. If you are not attaining the visitors, advertisers will not be interested to bid for your website. So you need to Rank 1 or more articles of your website into the 1st page of Google by doing the proper SEO. More traffic= More CPC

So these were some of the tip on How to get high CPC on Google adsense 2020

High cpc adsense keywords to be used for more CPC.

How to get high CPC on Google adsense 2020

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