How To Earn Money From YouTube?

Hey guys we hope that you have read our article about how to make a YouTube channel. Now as we promised that we will tell you how you can earn money from YouTube. YouTube is a platform provided by Google which allows you to share your videos and also so you can earn money from you YouTube your channel. So in this article we are going to tell you how money earning through YouTube.

YouTube has created new guidelines for the YouTube creator. which tells that you should have 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube channel with over minimum 1000 subscribers within a year.

So given guideline is basic need to earn money from your YouTube channel

1.ADSENSE:- Adsense is a program run by a Google which will provide ads on your content.  For example if I am talking about particularly for YouTube then on your videos there will be ads which will put through Google AdSense. By those ads you are actually advertising that different kind of products through your videos.

To earn money from this advertising platform which is providing by Google to you for that firstly you have to create an AdSense account.

earn money from youtube

When you will click on sign up icon then you will get the screen like this.

earn money from youtube

Here on this screen you can see that you have to put the link of your website so here what you have to do is you have to copy your YouTube channel link and paste that YouTube channel link here. And in the next tab you can see that you have to enter your Gmail ID on which you have created your YouTube channel.

After submission of information about your YouTube channel link and email you will get next screen like this.

earn money from youtube

Then you have to press on continue in YouTube (which clarify that you want to add your YouTube channel with your Google AdSense).

When you are all done buy setup your Google AdSense account then you can earn money by the ads which will showing on you YouTube channel videos. And you can check all the analytics regarding to views on your videos, subscribers, likes, comments also.

2.Superchat:-YouTube has provided us a new platform also to earn money on YouTube which is a fast money earning option. If you have good reach to your subscribers. As the name indicates as a super chat if your video content is a something related to live streaming. Which means that you will be live on your YouTube channel then your subscribers will come to see you on your YouTube channel. And they can donate you tips for the content that you are making and showing to them. You can enable super chat option on your YouTube channel by pressing on monetization option.

But for super chat your YouTube channel should be monetized first. And the basic rule for monetization on YouTube I have discussed in highlighted lines of this article.

Beside those two ways you can earn money on YouTube but these two of YouTube Earning( ways are directly connected with your AdSense and for enabling of Google AdSense which will give you ads and super chat which will give you direct money from your subscribers to your account) demands high dedication and  good content on your YouTube channel.

Beside these two ways you can also earn money by affiliate links and we will give you another article about affiliate marketing which is also easy money and in trend now.

We hope that this article will be helpful for you. And by this article you get the knowledge that how you will earn money from your YouTube channel. And these google verified earning platforms. So upcoming articles will be more helpful for all of you so make sure to stay tuned.

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