Mesothelioma: How to cure Naturally (Asbestos)

We know that there is no direct cure for the pleural Mesothelioma but there are certain alternatives which can improve the life expectancy of the patient and relief him. The expectancy can be increased to few months or years depending on the immunity of the patient and his will power.

There are certain Herbal medicine treatment for mesothelioma.

These herbal medicine can give some relief to the patients but does not guarantee that the person will be fine.

Before this modern era of machines and equipment’s, long ago the doctors used to treat the patients with herbs and other medicines.

These herbs and medicines may provide relief to the affected person.

Herbs can be helpful for:

  1. Boosting the immune system
  2. Reduce cancer cells
  3. Reduce or minimize cancer growth
  4. Boost chemotherapy
  5. Increase overall wellness

So we saw above that how the herbs can be helpful for the patients suffering from Mesothelioma. If the patients are given such herbs it will definitely provide relief to them.

Herbs are mostly harmless but sometimes they can interfere with the treatment of cancer.

Patients are guided not to take any herbs during the treatment of this cancer as it can hamper.

There are certain therapies also to reduce the effect of mesothelioma. These include various mind body therapies:

  1. Yoga
yoga for curing mesothelioma

Gentle yoga styles are recommended to the patients suffering from the cancer. For example laughter yoga and restorative yoga.

These has been shown by the studies that these yoga exercises can reduce stress and improve the sleep of the patients which can give relief to them.

  • Meditation

From the years meditation has been used by the people to cure their diseases and provide relief from their problems. This can certainly help them to get improvement in mesothelioma.

  • Acupressure
acupressure for mesothelioma

Acupressure is less widely known in United States and Canada but it proves to be very effective form in curing the diseases. There are certain points in the body which when pressed pinch certain nerves of the body which improves the blood pressure and provide relief from many diseases. The patient who is suffering from Mesothelioma or asbestos.

Studies show that this improves nausea, vomiting, pain etc.

There is a type of acupressure which is known as Jin Shin Jyutsu which help to balance the body and clear the blockages.

  • Pet therapy
pet therapy to cure Mesothelioma

Pet therapy seems very funny and simple. But it has been shown in the studies and pets can really provide happiness and improves the mood of the patient. A person suffering from Mesothelioma requires happiness and joyfulness in his/her life. Pets can really help them to provide joyfulness.

The above mentioned were the natural treatments for mesothelioma and asbestos.

The main treatments are as below:

  1. Surgery
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Radiation Therapy

However we know that there is no direct cure of  mesothelioma and asbestos but don’t worry soon something will come up 🙂

You can also go with certain mesothelioma lawyers. The main cure of any disease is staying happy and feeling joyful. That’s it:) Just follow the above mentioned treatments and live your life happily. For more cancer treatments refer to: Cancer Treatment

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