P. Chitambaram

What is Chidambaram case?

chidambaram case

Court has rejectd the anticipatory bail of P.Chidambaram. After that the team of CBI gone to P. Chidambaram’s place to arrest him, But he was not there. After that enforcement directorate has issued the lookout warrant against P.Chidambaram. But why this kind of things are happening with p chidambaram let us know that first that what is chidambaram case?

Two big cases are going on P. Chidambaram

1-Maxis Aircel Deal ( Case on P. Chitambaram )

2-INX Media Case ( Case on P. Chitambaram)

So let’s talk about Maxis Aircel deal first:-

chidambaram case

In year of 2006, P. Chitambaram has approved a deal of maxis aircel of 3500 crore rupees. But as a financial minister P. Chidambaram can only issue up to 600 crore rupees. so this is maxis aircel deal case.

Now let’s talk about INX media case:-


Which is going on nowadays. Indrani Mukherjee has started this INX media with her husband Mr Peter Mukharji in 2007.  INX media needs 305 crore rupees of foreign investment. For that we need the approval of foreign investment promotion board(FIPB). But according to FIPB  rules they  can only issue 4.62 crore rupees to their project and they issued that. When indrani Mukherjee and Peter mukharji get to know that we are unable to get the approval of 305 crore rupees from FIPB. Then the best approach to Mr. P. Chidambaram in 2007 at that time was the finance minister of India. Mr. Peter Mukherjee has said all the things related to this approval to Mr P Chidambaram.  Then at the time P. Chitambaram asked to Mr Peter mukharji to help his son in his business. And ask Mr Peter to send some money in P.Chidambaram son’s(Mr Karthik chidambaram) account.

Mr. Peter Mukherjee has sent 3.9 crore rupees in some companies which are associated with Karthik chidambaram. But enforcement directorate somehow get to know about all transactions. And this same thing was said by Indrani Mukherjee to enforcement directorate in her statement.

And then on 15th may 2017 CBI has filed a FIR against Mr. P.Chidambaram in INX case. After FIR enforcement directorate has issued money laundering notice against him.  After getting some proof on this case enforcement directorate starts attaching the assets of Karthik Chidambaram. They attached some properties of Kartik which were in UK and Spain. Those properties were under aAvantage Strategic Consultancy  Private limited. And this company is indirectly owned by Mr Karthik Chidambaram. If we talk about INX media then issues are continuously going on the owners of INX media.

But yes this is the all going on with Mr P. Chidambaram.

We hope that after this article you get to know what the issue is going on with P. Chidambaram and why the CBI is looking for him. So if you want more this kind of articles then stay tuned with trendsaints and please let us know about your suggestions in the comment section we would love to have them.

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