Android 10: not Android Q

Hello guys so finally Google has changed its tradition of keeping the sweets name as its android name. Starting from Android cupcake to Android pie, it has been a long journey. It was also a sequence of the foods but now Google has finally revealed that it will keep the name of android Q as android 10.

Most of us use android phones from many years, and most of us have the latest version of Android 9 which is Android Pie in our devices so now the phones which support good android updates will receive the update of Android 10 in their devices.

Google Pixel devices will be the first to receive it followed by other android phones.

Why Google broke this tradition?

The answer for this is Google said that its becoming harder for new android users who are not familiar with the name convention to understand if their phone is running the latest version of android or not.

To make the name more clear and understandable, google changed it.

Google also added the refreshed look into this android as shown below

android 10

It also changed the logo from Green to black to make it readable. So which devices will be compatible? According to the reports Nokia 9 Pure view, Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 7.1 will be compatible also other phones will be compatible as the update of android 10 follows.

So what do you think about this change made by the google? It looks a little bit boring but android 10 is what it is and is going to launch in the market soon.

Tell in the comments what do you think about android 10 and which update of Android you are using right now.

Expected update is by the starting of September. Lets welcome this new update by Google, android 10 guys not android Q:)

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