Forget Acne and Pimples- Use these Solutions!

5 methods to remove acne permanently ( Guaranteed)

Hello boys and girls, today I am going to share with you some most effective methods to remove pimples/acne and their scars completely from your face and also if you are having pimples on your back side.

This is the most effective method and will surely work with you. Now i am not going to share some simple methods because I know that they don’t work and also they didn’t worked for me. I am going to share the most effective ones that will surely remove pimples/acne from your face and back permanently.

So let’s start 🙂 . I am going to share 5 best methods and the 5th one is the most effective so you can directly jump to the 5th one also.

Lets starts with how you actually get acne on your face:

1.Oily skin

remove acne permanently

The main reason is the oil. Yes guys its true. You will find acne there where it would be oil. If you are having an oil skin or oil in your face, you are definitely the home for the pimples and acne. This is the main reason that you want to cure. Oily skin mixed with bacteria causes acne on your face.

2. Hormonal Changes

remove acne permanently

So we learnt that oily skin is one of the main reason for your pimples and acne. But if you have just arrived into puberty then hormonal changes also become the reason for your acne and pimples. It mainly starts from the age of 16 and can lasts upto 23. After 23 you will see that your pimples acne will start reducing itself, but if not then you need to cure them.

3. Junk and Fast food

remove acne permanently

The third reason for that big red pimple on your face is the burgers, hotdog, gol gappas, pizza and many other oily and junk food. So please don’t have all these fast foods and junk because these brings you not only the acne but also several other complications such as diabetes, Heart problems etc.

So people the above are the main reasons for your acne and pimples on your face. There are other reasons also but these 3 are the main and 99% of you are having pimples/acne because of these.

So what should you do? Don’t worry just follow the below mentioned best of best methods:

1.Don’t pop or pick the pimples

remove acne permanently

Alright so main reason that increase the acne or pimples on your face is when you pop them or start picking them. I know guys that you don’t like that whitehead pimple on your face, but trust me picking them increases the quantity of them. For you, you have popped it but inside your skin, it spreads out and become the cause for more acne.

Touching the pimple frequently causes irritation and it increases the size of it. So never ever touch or pop it. So what to do? Just leave it and it will go automatically in few days, don’t worry I have the method that will reduce it fastly and permanently.

2. Wash your face and hair twice a day

Yes you are having lot of oil on your face, and it is becoming the main reason for the growth of acne and pimples on your face, you need to wash your face twice or maybe thrice a day but keep in mind not to touch your pimples with your hands while washing your face. Try to wash face by directly putting your face under the tap and not applying your fingers to touch them. Use the oil free face wash if possible because all the day you get lot of dust, dead cells and lot of sweat and oil on your face. Also you need to wash your hair. I am saying hair because the excess oil from hair travels to the face forehead causing the acne to grow, so you need to wash them too.

3. Don’t apply face cream or moisturizers

remove acne permanently

Alright so girls I know that you like to apply some fairness creams and beauty products to your face. I am not saying that you should not apply but if you want to get rid of the acne and pimples then you need to stop using it until you get completely rid of the acne.

You already have an oily skin plus you are applying moisturizers and creams which is becoming the reason for acne growth.

4. Drink 3 liters of water everyday and reduce stress

We have heard it million of times to drink at least 3 litres of water every day but do we drink? Just ask yourself. Maybe you start drinking from today but after 3-4 days you will be back into drinking less water. I know it guys because I have been into same situation.

Drinking 3 litres of water in 1 day will not help you. Make it a habit and drink it everyday to see the results. Take a water bottle with you to your college or office. Give it a time its a slow and healthy process. Also try to not take any stress because it also grows acne in your face. Stay happy and cherished and pimple will never emerge 🙂

5. Take Isotretinoin (Antibiotic)

Now guys this is the last method that worked for me. Just follow the above mentioned with this method. It is a medicine that will work like wonders on your face. Don’t worry it is not a steroid and it is not going to have any side effects. Boys an girls start taking this medicine. You will find it in any medical shop. Just ask for Isotrone or Isotretinoin for acne in the shop, they will give you.

One pack of this medicine costs around 3$ or 200 Rs* which contains 10 tablets. You can take two tablets daily. One in morning with a meal and one in the night just after your dinner.

After taking the first pack and finishing the first 10 tablets, some of you might not see the results so clearly but after starting the second pack you will start noticing that the oil is vanishing from your face 😀

It will vanish the oil from your face and will dry up all the acne and pimples from your face and back. When ever you wake up in the morning you won’t see that oily face and it will completely fry up your face. Also it will dry uo your lips guys so don’t worry, keep a vaseline with you and apply it often.

Stop after taking 2 packs (20 tablets) for about 20-30 days and start again. Keep doing this for at least 3-4 months and after that never an acne or pimple will emerge on your face,It will remove acne permanently from your face. that’s trendsaints guarantee* to you.

Note: Don’t take Isotretinoin if you are pregnant because it has side effects for a pregnant lady. For others take it freely.

So guys these were my best methods to remove acne permanently from your back and face. You can try them freely and adhere to them. You will never regret.

You can surely apply natural things like aloe vera, tea tree oil etc if they work for you but for me they never worked.

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